Archived Events

16th November to 3rd December 2017 John Erban in London

3rd to 13th September 2016 Monica Paz - London & Bristol

10th to 19th July 2017 John Erban in London

31st March to 2nd April 2017 The 4th UK Tango Festival & Championship in London

6th to 16th September 2016 Monica Paz - London & Bristol

3rd, 4th & 5th June 2016 The 3rd UK Tango Festival & Championship in London

5th, 6th and 7th June 2015 The 2nd UK Tango Festival & Championship in London

1st to 5th May 2015 Magdalena Valdez & Roberto Zuccarino - CHE London festival - Classes & Performance

15th to 21st April 2015 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron

13th to 24th November 2014 Clarissa Sanchez & John Erban

11th to 24th October 2014 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron In London

4th to 14th September 2014 Monica Paz For the first time in UK - London, Bristol, Wilmslow

5th to 16th June - 25th June to 8th July 2014 Jimena Hoeffner & Fernando Carrasco For the first time in the UK and in Paris France

Tango Festival & Championship 6th to 8th June 2014 - Negracha Tango Club 13th June 2014 - Class & Performance

Oxford El Arrabal 14th and 15th June 2014

Paris France 16th to 23rd June 2014 - El Conventillo Italiano Festival -

London Corrientes 28th June 2014 - Class & Performance

Cambridge Milonga Pasional 5th and 6th July 2014

24th April to 4th May 2014 Francesca Bertelli & Antonio Martinez

Cheshire 1st May: Tango Cheshire

9th to 24th April 2014 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron In London and UK

Bournemouth 9th to 13th April 2014: TangoAlchemy@Avon Tyrrell

London 15th to 24th April 2014

26th to 7th April Roberto Zuccarino & Magdalena Valdez For the first time in London

7th November to 10th December 2013 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron In London and UK

November and December 2013 Clarissa Sanchez & John Erban In London and Ireland

17th September to 8th October 2013 Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti In London and UK

21 to 28 August 2013 Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti Tango Holiday In Provence, France

23rd to 30th July 2013 Francesca Bertelli & Antonio Martinez In London and UK

30th May to 16th June 2013 Paula Ballesteros & Alejandro Hermida In London and the UK

6th to 14th May 2013 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron In London and the UK

16th to 27th May 2013 Clarissa Sanchez & John Erban In London

13th to 21st April 2013 Francesca Bertelli & Antonio Martinez In London and the UK

15th to 17th March & 12th-13th April 2013 Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti In London

Fire & Flame Ball London 2nd February 2013 Exclusive Performance by Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti DJ: Gabriel Valiente (Rosario/Barcelona)

23rd to 26th November 2012 Veronica Vazquez & Alejandro Beron first time in London and UK

8th to 19th November 2012 Clarissa Sanchez & John Erban for the first time in London and UK Winners of 2nd place in World Tango Championship 2011& Best Foreign Couple Award

13th to 18th June 2012 Paula Gurini & Mariano Bielak return to London for a brief visit.

Class at the Dome 13th June, teach and perform in Negracha on 15th and in Corrientes on 16th June

Saturday 16th June: Semi -private classes in South Hampstead

Sunday 17th June: Workshops at Hampstead O2 Centre - 17:30 Tango and 19:00 Milonga

21st April to 8th May 2012 Jimena Hoeffner & Juan Stefanides

We are delighted to be hosting in London for the first time this world renown coupleClasses and performances at Negracha, Corrientes, the Dome, Tea dance Tango de Salon and at the Light. Workshops with “Tango with Brigitte at the Hampstead O2 Centre”

18th November to 2nd December 2011 Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti

Brigitte presents for the 1st time in Europe this elegant couple who convey through musicality the Tango Salon passion

Workshops Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November at Hampstead O2 Centre, Finchley Road, London NW3 6LU

Classes and performances at several milongas in London and at London International Tango Festival

27th August to 3rd September 2011 - Chateau Juvenal, Provence - France

Our 4th summer tango holiday near Avignon with Paula Gurini & Mariano Bielak

Workshops, practicas, lunches and dinners, visits to local Milonga and time to visit the area or relax by the pool

27th to 31st May 2011 Paula Gurini & Mariano Bielak In London

Watching this elegant and graceful couple is truly a source of inspiration.They teach with joy and fun. If you know them, don’t miss this opportunity. If you don’t know them, don’t miss out, book now!

23rd August to 16th September 2012

Proudly hosting again Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti - Classes & performances at many Milongas in London Plus Workshops, semi-private and private lessons

28th July to 4th August 2012 - Chateau Juvenal, Provence Our 5th summer tango holiday in Provence with Graciela Gamba & Diego Converti - workshops, practicas, lunches and dinners, plus pass to attend Tango Guinguette event

Fire & Flame Ball - London 29th January 2011

At the Carisbrooke Hall, Marble Arch, London Workshops and performance by Sandra & Santiago Monticelli Live music with Carlos Quilici & Los Tauras. DJ Ewa Zbrzeska

12th to 24th May 2010 - London Silvina Valz & Oliver Kolker

This top Argentinian tango couple renown for their milonga will perform and teach in London for the 1st time giving classes, worshops and private tuition

Fire & Flame Ball - London 30th January 2010

At the Carisbrooke Hall, Marble Arch, London Workshops and performance by Amanda & Adrian Costa Live music with Tango Siempre. DJ Marek Szotkowski

12th to 16th November 2009 - Ireland Amanda & Adrian Costa

12th and 13th November: Limerick Limerick Tango

14th and 15th November: Dublin Tango Moulin Rouge

1st to 18th October 2009 - London

Amanda & Adrian Costa return to UK for a tour, they will teach at Negracha, Crypt, Sway, Dome, TSL, 33 Portland Place, Carablanca and Corrientes

27th August to 1st September 2009 2nd Tango Holiday in Chateau Juvenal

‘Tango with Brigitte’ in stunning surroundings and enjoy a week of dancing and dining in a dream setting. Workshops with Amanda & Adrian Costa Practicas, Milongas and outings

You can also enjoy our Summer Ball in Caromb, Lac du Paty Saturday 29th August 9.30pm till 3am. Lesson by Amanda & Adrian Costa 8pm till 9.15pm. Everybody welcome

20th to 22nd March 2009 - London

‘Tango with Brigitte with Amanda & Adrian Costa

Friday 20th: Class and performance at Carablanca

Saturday 21st: Class at the Crypt

Sunday 22nd: Class at 33 Portland Place

30th January to 1st February 2009 -London

The Fire & Flame Ball with Adrian and Amanda Costa, Brigitte’s annual winter ball in Central London 31st January 2009.

Live Music with Tanguarda. Workshops and Performance by Adrian and Amanda Costa

31st December 2008 - Paris

New Year’s eve at Bistrot Latin, with Los Ocampo and the cast of Tango Pasión. Paris

30th August to 2nd September 2008 - London

‘Tango with Brigitte’ organises a week with Adrian & Amanda Costa Classes, workshops and performances, London

8th to 10th February 2008 - London

‘Tango with Brigitte’ with Véronique Bouscasse & Marek Szotkowski Classes, workshops and performances

9th February 2008 - London

Fire & Flame Ball with Véronique Bouscasse and Marek Szotkowski Workshops and performance. Live music with Los Mareados. London

29th October 2007 - UK

‘Tango with Brigitte’ at Tango Moon with Los Ocampo Classes and performance. Maidstone, UK

23rd to 28th August 2007 - Tango holiday at Chateau Juvenal, Provence, France

‘Tango with Brigitte’ with Richard Manuel & Pauline Reibell Workshops, practicas and milongas.

25th August 2007 ‘Tango with Brigitte’ in Avignon The Bal des Papes

Our summer Ball with Richard Manuel and Pauline Reibell at the Palais des Papes

20th to 22nd July 2007 - Paris ‘Tango with Brigitte’

Dance in open air on the Bank of the Seine and in Paris Tango clubs

27th January 2007 - London

The Fire & Flame Ball with Leroy Tango Cat

Workshops and music by Leroy Tango cat

25th to 28th August 2006 - Paris

‘Tango with Brigitte’ with Leroy Tango Cat Workshops, practicas & milongas Classes and music on the bank of the Seine by Leroy Tango Cat

7th to 9th July 2006

‘Tango with Brigitte’ in Paris with Richard Manuel & Pauline Reibell. Workshops, practicas and milongas, dancing on the bank of the Seine

Information and details of events, workshops and private lessons available from Brigitte

“Tango with Brigitte” at Chateau Juvenal, Provence

In 2007 this trip won an award from the French ministry of tourism. Article on Tango in Avignon in La Provence, 2007 [pages 2 & 3]